Math 2110 Exam Info (Fall 2016)

Exam 1

September 21st or 22nd, in discussion

Covers 12.1-12.6, 14.1, 14.3, 14.4, 14.6

Practice Exam 1

Practice Exam 1 Solutions

Exam 2

October 19th or 20th, in discussion

Covers 14.7, 15.1-15.3, 15.6-15.8

Practice Exam 2

Practice Exam 2 Solutions

Exam 2 Group Practice Problems

Exam 3

November 16th or 17th, in discussion

Covers 13.1-13.3, 16.1-16.4

Practice Exam 3

Practice Exam 3 Solutions

Line Integral Flow Chart

Final Exam

December 14th, 1:00-3:00 PM

The exam is cumulative, so it covers 12.1-12.6, 13.1-13.3 (no curvature), 14.1, 14.3-14.4, 14.6-14.7, 15.1-15.3, 15.6-15.8, 16.1-16.9

Cheat Sheet (this sheet will be supplied to you at the final exam)

Review for Final Exam

Review for Final Exam Solutions (Fixed)

Locations for the Final Exam, broken down by Discussion Section. It is your responsibility to be in the correct room at the correct time, otherwise you may not receive an exam. No makeups will be given if you miss the exam.

Room Section(s) Instructor/TA
AUST 105 001 Stephen Zito
ARJ 105 143D, 144D, 149D, 182D, 186D, 190D Robert Dolan, Antoni Brzoska
ARJ 143 147D, 150D, 152D, 153D, 154D, 155D Hyun Chul Jang, Jieun Lee
AUST 108 101D, 102D, 104D, 105D, 106D, 109D, 141D, 148D, 151D Sweta Pandey, Ximo Zhang, Briana Oshiro
MONT 104 002, 142D, 145D, 146D Linda Westrick, David Nichols
OAK 101 103D, 107D, 108D, 110D, 111D, 112D Daniel Martin, SangJoon Lee
SCHN 151 181D, 183D, 184D, 185D, 187D, 188D, 189D, 191D, 192D Michael Joseph, Mengxia Dong, Jungang Li