Math 1070 Exam Info (Fall 2017)

This page will be periodically updated with information about the exams. Exams will be taken during your lecture period.

Exam Dates:

Exam 1  Oct. 4th and 5th
Exam 2 Nov. 8th and 9th
Final Exam Dec 13th

Calculator Policy:

You may use a scientific calculator, but you are not allowed to use a graphing calculator or any other form of technology, like a phone, tablet, computer, etc. If you use a graphing calculator at any point during the final exam, you will receive a zero as your score.

Need a scientific calculator? There are plenty of great/cheap models on Amazon, but you can find them in many other places, too!

Exam 1: 

Sections 4.1-4.7 and 5.1-5.4

Exam 2: 

Sections 6.1-6.4, F1-F4, and 1.1-1.2

Formula Sheet Exam 2


Practice Exams:

Practice Exam 1 MATH1070Q

Practice Exam 1 MATH1070Q Solutions

Practice Exam 2 MATH1070Q

Practice Exam 2 MATH1070Q Solutions

Final Exam: Dec. 13th 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Some review questions can be found here. Note the other two practice exams are still good practice!

review questions 1.3-1.4, 2.1-2.2, 3.1-3.3


Room Information:

101D ARJ 105
102D ARJ 105
103D ARJ 105
104D ARJ 105
105D ARJ 105
106D ARJ 105
107D ARJ 143
108D ARJ 143
110D ARJ 143
109D ARJ 143
111D ARJ 143
112D ARJ 143
113D LH 102
114D LH 102
115D LH 102
133D AUST 108
134D AUST 108
137D AUST 108
138D AUST 108
141D AUST 108
142D AUST 108
131D AUST 108
132D AUST 108
135D AUST 108
136D AUST 110
139D AUST 110
140D AUST 110
172D LH 102
173D LH 102
174D LH 102
167D LH 102
168D LH 102
169D LH 102
170D LH 102
175D LH 102
161D LH 101
162D LH 101
163D LH 101
164D LH 101
165D LH 101
166D LH 101