Math 1070 Exam Info (Fall 2016)

Final Exam Information:

The final exam is cumulative, so it will cover all of the appropriate sections from Chapters 1,2,3,4,5,6, and F. You will be provided the same formula sheet for finance as on Exam 2, as well as the Z (Normal) Table.

Q Center Final Exam Review Session Problems/Solutions

Locations for the Final Exam, broken down by Discussion Section. It is your responsibility to be in the correct room at the correct time, otherwise you may not receive an exam. No makeups will be given if you miss the exam.

Room Section(s) Instructor/TA
AUST 105 133D, 134D, 137D Jiatian Xu
AUST 108 138D, 141D, 142D, 161D, 163D, 164D, 165D, 166D, 169D Robert Arnold, Huili Tang
CHM A120 131D, 132D, 135D, 136D, 139D, 140D Pei Wang
LH 101 111D, 112D, 113D, 114D, 115D Zhiguo Wang, Nicholas Ouellet
LH 102 101D, 102D, 103D, 104D, 105D, 106D, 107D, 108D, 109D, 110D Xiaoyu Zheng, Zhiguo Wang
PB 36 162D, 167D, 168D, 170D, 173D, 174D Oleksandr Pavlenko

Exam 2 Information:

Sample Exam 2

Sample Exam 2 Solutions

Q Center Review Problems

Q Center Review Session Solutions

Make sure to show up for the correct time at the correct location! You may not get a test otherwise. It is your responsibility to be at the right place. You cannot switch times because one is more convenient; we have a certain number of exams for each time slot, so plan accordingly.

This helps us get them graded and returned to you more efficiently.

The room assignments should be the same. Please know your discussion section number and the name of your TA so that you can write both on the cover of your exam. Here they are again in case:

01EX (6-8PM)
Lecture section 100 (101D-106D, 113D) 
OAK 101
Lecture section 100 (107D-112D, 114D-115D)
ARJ 105
Lecture section 130 (All discussion sections)
Lecture section 160 (All discussion sections)
AUST 108
02EX (9-11PM)
All Sections (meaning anyone taking it at 9-11, regardless of section)

Exam 1 Information:

Sample Exam 1

Sample Exam 1 Solutions

Q Center Review Session Problems/Solutions