Resources for your students

Here are some important links to the resources that students often ask for.

Center for students with disabilities (CSD):

Mission and Philosophy

Through the integration of teaching, research, and service, it is the mission of the University of Connecticut to provide an outstanding educational experience for each student. The mission of the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) is to enhance this experience for students with disabilities. Our goal is to ensure a comprehensively accessible University experience where individuals with disabilities have the same access to programs, opportunities and activities as all others. The Center is also committed to promoting access and awareness as a resource to all members of the community.

While complying with the letter of the law, the CSD also embraces its spirit by providing services to all students with permanent or temporary injuries and conditions to ensure that all University programs and activities are accessible. The Center can assist students to maximize their potential while helping them develop and maintain independence. Our philosophy is one that promotes self-awareness, self-determination, and self-advocacy in a comprehensively accessible environment

CSD main page link

 Dean of student office

The Dean of Students Office is committed to the mission of the University of Connecticut and the Division of Student Affairs by providing diverse experiences and support that empowers student success. The Dean of Students Office serves as an advocate for students and as a centralized resource for connecting students with appropriate university and community programs, offices and individuals. The office supports students in resolving educational, personal and other university concerns that affect the quality of their academic or community life and personal goals.

Rescheduling the final exams: Many students request that they would like to reschedule their final exams. Do that, they need to get permission from the Dean of Students Office. This link will help you help your students in this matter.