i>Clicker Setup

Information on the use of i>Clicker at UConn, including information on the software and clickers can be found at clickers.uconn.edu.

Follow the instructions in this video to download the latest version of i>Clicker and place it in your P: drive (this drive is accessible by logging in to any classroom computer).  You can also place your i>Clicker software in a flash drive to carry with you to class (and it doesn’t hurt to have this as a backup).

Once you have the i>Clicker software, the i>Clicker setup instructions detail how to:

  • Set up a course in i>Clicker.
  • Create an i>Clicker registration link for students in HuskyCT.
  • Use i>Clicker to take polls in class.
  • Export grades to HuskyCT.

Don’t hesitate to contact Myron Minn-Thu-Aye if you run into any problems obtaining or using i>Clicker.