Math 1070Q — Mathematics for Business and Economics (Spring 2020)


Recommended preparation: MATH 1010 or the equivalent.


Applied Finite Mathematics by Edmond C. Tomastik and Janice L. Epstein
Our textbook is available bundled with a WebAssign code at the UConn Bookstore. Click here to see information on which of the available bundles is right for you.


You can access HuskyCT by going to If you are registered for the course, you should have two MATH1070 HuskyCT pages. Your lecture section will have a section number of 010, and will contain all of the learning modules, course orientation, syllabus, schedule, etc and will be used for announcements relevant to the entire course. Your discussion section will have a section number that ends in D, and will contain the links to WebAssign and Piazza, and will be used for announcements relevant to your specific discussion section/TA.

Homework, WebAssign, and Piazza:

WebAssign: Online homework for MATH 1070 are assigned and completed using WebAssign. WebAssign must be accessed through HuskyCT. To get to WebAssign, go to the HuskyCT site for your discussion section and click the link on the left navigation menu which says “WebAssign”. This will take you directly to the WebAssign assignments for your class. 
WebAssign homework are due 11:59pm on the Friday of the week they cover. We strongly recommend that you do not leave your homework to the last minute. WebAssign homework that is submitted at least 24 hours before the due date will earn extra credit (25% of the question value).
Homework: There will be homework assigned for each section of the text in WebAssign. Be sure to complete the homework assignments by the posted due dates. It is your responsibility to complete the homework assignments on time, and completing assignments early will earn extra credit. Your lowest two homework scores will be dropped at the end of the term. You will usually have 5 attempts to answer each non-multiple choice homework question. After each attempt, you will be told whether your answer is correct or not. If you are not able to get the correct answer after a couple attempts, ask for help from your professor or TA. We’re here to help! You might also find help at the course review sessions, the course discussion board on Piazza, and/or at the  Q-Center.
Late Work Policy: Homework extensions will not be granted, and there will be no makeup exams except for in extenuating circumstances. However, two homework scores will be dropped at the end of the semester to accommodate any issues that may arise. It is important that you manage your time effectively to complete the homework before it is due. Choosing not to do so is up to you, but there will not be any opportunities to recover missed points.
Piazza: We will use Piazza as a course discussion/participation tool. Piazza allows students and instructors to post questions, answers, and comments in a Wiki type format. Students are encouraged to edit the “Student Answer” for a question in order to help one another understand the material. Instructors will also be active in posting an “Instructor Answer”. Further discussions are also allowed in addition to the answers.

You can post questions regarding your homework, studying, or anything else that pertains to issues with concepts within each topic. The system is highly catered to getting you help fast and efficiently from classmates, the TAs, and myself. Rather than emailing questions to the teaching staff, I encourage you to post your questions on Piazza. If you have any problems or feedback for the developers, email

You will be expected to participate in Piazza at least 15 times during the semester, an average of approximately one post per week of the semester. Those 15 participation posts can be any combination of questions, answers, and followup discussions. Active participation is helpful to those who are struggling as well as those who can consolidate what they’ve learned into a clear explanation for others. You can see how many contributions you have already completed in Piazza by clicking on the “Statistics” tab at the top.

You will be expected to follow basic forum etiquette, and to post thoughtful and relevant questions/answers/comments. Inappropriate posts or posts without considered student input (spam, just asking for the answers, etc) may be deleted and won’t be counted for your participation. Make sure to post what you’ve attempted for a question or your thoughts on a problem.

If you have any issues with Piazza, you can contact Piazza Support by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner.


***UPDATE (March 18, 2020): Due to the University-wide response to the COVID-19 pandemic, exams will be offered and proctored online. More details will be announced on HuskyCT as they become available.

Our class has two midterm exams and a final exam that will be held in-person in Storrs. The midterm schedule is available on the syllabus and the final exam will be scheduled by the Registrar at some point during the semester. Exam rooms will be announced on HuskyCT before each exam. Your exam location will be dependent on your discussion section, and it is your responsibility to show up at the correct location.

  • Taking the exam in the wrong room may result in you receiving a 0 for that exam. 
  • Graphing calculators (e.g. TI-83, TI-84, TI-89) are not allowed to be used on the exams. Using a prohibited device on an exam may result in you receiving a 0 for that exam.
  • Bring Photo ID to the exam.

IMPORTANT: The exams are NOT online, they are traditional paper and pencil based exam which need to be proctored in person in Storrs. If you are not able to make the listed exam dates, you MUST contact your professor IMMEDIATELY. Makeup exams without enough notice are not guaranteed.

Calculator Policy:

A scientific calculator is allowed and recommended for exams (Graphing calculators are not permitted). At a minimum, your calculator should be able to perform the standard scientific calculator operations (for example, factorials, combinations, powers, etc). Sharing of calculators will not be permitted for exams, so make sure to bring your own. You may not use a tablet, phone, smartwatch, computer, etc as a calculator. Using a prohibited device on an exam may result in your exam receiving a grade of 0.

Review Sessions and the Q Center:

Q Center: The Q Center offers additional help for MATH 1070Q, with tutors available nearly every day. In addition, the Q Center will hold an additional review session prior to each exam.


Online Homework WebAssign 15% (+ extra credit)
Online Discussion Participation Piazza 10%
Exam 1: (3/5 from 6-8pm) Storrs 20%
Exam 2: (4/16 from 6-8pm) Online 20%
Final Exam: (5/6 from 1-3pm) Online 35%

All grades will be posted to WebAssign, including exam grades. Grades on HuskyCT will be not be regularly updated.

While grades are being uploaded, WebAssign may temporarily show a grade of 0. This is normal, and will be updated when your grade is uploaded.

Note: If you think a mistake has been made in grading or in recording any grades in WebAssign, please bring this to your instructor’s attention as soon as possible. All grades must be corrected and updated before the final exam is administered; no changes will be made after that time.