Math 1070 Exam Info (Spring 2020)

This page will be periodically updated with information about the exams.

***UPDATE (March 18, 2020): Due to the University-wide response to the COVID-19 pandemic, exams will be offered and proctored online. More details will be announced on HuskyCT as they become available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The exams are NOT online, they are traditional paper and pencil based exam which need to be proctored in person in Storrs. If you are not able to make the listed exam dates, you MUST contact your professor IMMEDIATELY. Makeup exams without enough notice are not guaranteed.

Exam Dates:

Exam 1 3/5 from 6-8pm
Exam 2 4/16 from 6-8pm
Final Exam 5/6 from 1-3pm

Calculator Policy:

A scientific calculator is allowed and recommended for homework and exams (Graphing calculators are not permitted). At a minimum, your calculator should be able to perform the standard scientific calculator operations (for example, factorials, combinations, powers, etc). Sharing of calculators will not be permitted for exams, so make sure to bring your own. You may not use a tablet, phone, smartwatch, computer, etc as a calculator.  Using a prohibited device on an exam may result in your exam receiving a grade of 0.

Need a scientific calculator? There are plenty of great/cheap models on Amazon, but you can find them in many other places, too!

Bring to the Exam:

  • Remember to bring an allowed (non-graphing) calculator.
  • Remember to bring photo ID
  • No notes or sheets are allowed. A formula sheet (see below) will be provided to you.

Exam 1: 

Sections 4.1-4.7, 5.1-5.4

Exam 2: 

Sections 6.1-6.4, F.1-F.4, 1.1-1.2

Final Exam:

Sections 1.1-1.4, 2.1-2.2, 3.1-3.3, 4.1-4.7, 5.1-5.4, 6.1-6.4, F1-F4

Formula Sheet