Math 1060 Supplementary Materials (Fall 2023)

Text Section Topics Additional Support
Review – Equation solving (Inequalities, Absolute Value) Guided Tour – Algebra
Guided Tour – Absolute Value Equations and InequalitiesAlgebra ProblemsMore Algebra Problems
1.1 Pythagorean Theorem, Distance Formula, Applications
1.2 Graphs of Equations, Intercepts, Symmetry, Applications (no circles)
1.3 Linear Equations in Two Variables, Slope, Graphing, Parallel, Perpendicular, Application
1.4 Functions, Notation, Evaluating, Piecewise, Domain, Difference Quotient, Applications Guided Tour – Functions
1.5 Domain, Range, Zeroes, Function Behavior, Average Rate of Change, Even/Odd
1.6 Parent Functions
1.7 Transformations of Functions Guided Tour – Graph Transformations

Function Transformation Worksheet

1.8 Composite Functions Guided Tour – Compositions
1.9 Inverse Functions Guided Tour – Inverse Functions
2.1 Quadratic Functions, Completing Square, Vertex, x-Intercepts, Minimum, Maximum, Applications Guided Tour – Quadratic Functions

Quadratic Functions and Models

2.2 Polynomials Higher Degree, End Behavior, Real Zeroes, Sketching
2.6 Rational Functions, Domain, Vertical and Horizontal Asymptotes, Sketching
3.1 Exponential Functions and Graphs Guided Tour – Exponential Functions
3.2A Logarithmic Functions and Graphs Guided Tour – Logarithms
3.2B Applications of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
3.3 Properties of Logarithms Guided Tour – Rules of Logarithms
3.4 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations Guided Tour – Exp/Log Equations
3.5 Exponential and Logarithmic Models Guided Tour – Exponential Growth and Decay
4.1 Radian and Degree Measure (no minutes, seconds, arc length, sectors) Guided Tour – Unit Circle
4.2 Sine/Cosine, Domain/Period, Evaluating
4.3 45/45/90 and 30/60/90, Applying Trigonometric Identities (Basic substitutions), Right Triangle Applications
4.4 Trigonometric Functions for any angle, Reference Angles
4.5 Graphs of Sine and Cosine- Horizontal and Vertical Translations
4.6 Graphs of Other Trigonometric Functions (No Damped) Guided Tour – Trig Functions
Guided Tour – Graphing Trig
4.7 Inverse Trigonometric Functions Guided Tour – Inverse Trig
4.8 Applications and Models
5.1 Using Fundamental Identities
5.2 Verifying Trigonometric Identities
5.3 Solving Trigonometric Equations Guided Tour – Solving Trig Equations