Math 1011


Name Section Office Office Hours
Sarah Glaz

Faculty Contact MSB 202
(860) 486 9153
On leave in Fall 2015
Please contact by email.
Kathryn Watson

Instructor and Coordinator
TTh 8:00-9:15 MSB 415
M 3:35-4:25 MSB 307
MSB 218
(860) 486 3595
Tue & Th 9:30-11:00
+ extra office hours before exams,
others by appointment

General Information

Math 1011Q is a course designed to serve as preparation for all the other Q courses offered at UConn. It emphasizes two components, the mastery of each is equally important for success in any course employing mathematics. The first component is made up of the collection of fundamental algebraic concepts and their manipulations. Most of this material is taught in High Schools and Community Colleges under the name Intermediate Algebra or Algebra II. Math 1011Q covers this material using a college algebra approach. The second component consists of using these algebraic concepts for solving multi-step problems from other disciplines. This practice is called Mathematical Modeling, and is the part of the course that gives Math 1011Q its unique interesting flavor, liveliness and usefulness beyond a usual Intermediate Algebra course. Students work on mathematical modeling projects in small groups. Math 1011Q is the permanent replacement for the course formerly numbered Math 101. Math 1011Q earns students 3Q credits which count towards graduation.

Who Should Take Math Math 1011Q?

All students whose high school algebra needs reinforcement. In particular, students who did not take a course in Intermediate Algebra prior to enrollment at UConn, or had taken such a course and obtained a grade of C or lower, or had not taken a course in mathematics for a number of years, are strongly advised to take Math 1011Q, before attempting to enroll in any other Q Course. It is a small investment of your time, that earns you 3 Q credits which count towards graduation, and repays you with a successful completion of your other Q courses at UConn.