FAQ by Students

Frequently asked questions by students.

Q. How do I get a permission number?
A. You will need to discuss this with your Professor.

Q. I switched discussion sections (still under the same Professor). How do I transfer my WebAssign progress to the new discussion section?
A. Before WebAssign rosters have updated: course coordinator can transfer grades.  After WebAssign rosters have been updated: grades can be transferred manually by TAs and/or coordinators.

Q. What’s the class key? I keep getting a message asking me for a class key?
A. Make sure you are using one of the correct browsers. For example, Safari and Internet Explorer will not work. Chrome and Firefox should both work.

Q. Can I make up an exam?
A. Usually no, but ask your TA and/or Professor if you have an extenuating circumstance.

Q. Is there extra credit?
A. Almost always no unless your Professor specifically tells you otherwise.

Q. Is there a curve on the exam?
A. There may be a curve established by the Course Coordinator after the grades have been submitted.

Q. Can I buy the WebAssign Code without buying the book?
A. Yes but it is cheaper to buy the bundled version that includes the book and code.

Q. Do they use the same book for Calculus 1, 2 and 3?
A. Yes, no need to buy a new book for each (but Single Variable Calculus only covers 1 and 2).

Q. Any questions about the exam?
A. See the Course Webpage.

Q. Where can I find math resources so that I can watch videos?
A. http://mathresources.uconn.edu/

Q. Can I make up a WebAssign Quiz or Homework?
A. Up to the Professor’s or TA’s discretion.

Q. I cannot see  my course in HuskyCT what do I do?
Q. I registered for the class today, I cannot see my course in Husky CT?
A. For these questions direct student to www.dlc.uconn.edu