Math 1070 Exam Info (Fall 2020)

Exam Dates:

Midterm Exam 1 10/1 from 6-7pm
Midterm Exam 2 10/15 from 6-7pm
Midterm Exam 3 10/29 from 6-7pm
Midterm Exam 4 11/12 from 6-7pm
Midterm Exam 5 12/3 from 6-7pm
Final Exam TBD

Calculator Policy:

A scientific calculator will be provided in Lockdown Browser. You may not use any other device for the exams.

Bring to the Exam:

  • Remember to have a internet-connected computer with webcam and Respondus Lockdown Browser installed.
  • Remember to have photo ID
  • Exams are open book and open notes. These must be on paper, no electronic devices (other than the computer running Lockdown Browser) are allowed.