Math 1132Q – Calculus II (Fall 2018)

Description: Transcendental functions, formal integration, polar coordinates, infinite sequences and series, parametric equations, with applications to the physical sciences and engineering.

Prerequisites: MATH 1131 or advanced placement credit for calculus (a score of 4 or 5 on the Calculus AB exam or a score of 3 on the Calculus BC exam). Recommended preparation: A grade of C- or better in MATH 1131.

Textbook Information: EITHER Calculus: Early Transcendentals (this includes Multivariable Calculus), 8th Edition, by James Stewart with WebAssign Access Code OR Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 8th Edition, by James Stewart with WebAssign Access Code.

We recommend that you get the text and WebAssign access code bundled together at the UConn Co-op. You should be able to get either the single variable version for 90 dollars, or the full version (which includes multivariable) for 100 dollars. The option to buy the text and WebAssign access code bundled together lets you use that access code for the life of the edition of the textbook. So if you have already bought a WebAssign access code for this book for a previous semester, you can use it again. If you are planning on taking Math 2110 but NOT Math 2410, we suggest that you buy the full version of the text. If you are planning on taking both Math 2110 and Math 2410, then we suggest that you buy the Calculus + Differential Equations version of the text.
Graphing calculators: TI 82, 83, 84, 84 plus, 85 or 86 are sufficient and NO HIGHER POWERED CALCULATORS ARE ACCEPTABLE. In particular TI 89 and TI-NSpire are not allowed.

i>clicker Registration:

Clickers will be used in all lectures. You must register your i>clicker in your HuskyCT page for the lecture you attend, even if you registered an i>clicker in Math 1131 last semester.IMPORTANT ONLNE CLICKER REGISTRATION INFORMATION:

  • Go to HuskyCT page for your lecture.
  • Click on “i>clicker Registration” in the left column.
  • Enter the Remote ID for your i>clicker where it is requested in Step 1.
  • Double check that the Remote ID you entered is correct.
  • Clicker the Submit button in Step 2.

Warning: The web version of i>clicker (Apps for iPhone, Android, etc.) will not work in the classrooms.

Homework and WebAssign:

Homework: To access the homework you will have to go through Husky CT single sign-on. In your account you will find a link to do your homework using WebAssign. There will be homework assignments for each section of the text. Each assignment will be made available on WebAssign several days before the section is covered in class. The due date for each assignment will be set by your instructor and will generally be two or three days after the material is covered in class.You will get five attempts for each question that is not multiple choice and fewer than five attempts for each multiple choice question; the exact number of attempts will depend on the number of choices. After each attempt, you will be told whether your answer is correct or not. If you are not able to get the correct answer after your initial attempts, we recommend that you seek help from your instructor, the Q-Center, a tutor, or another student. If you miss the due date on homework you can get an extension for up to two days after the due date, but you will only be able to receive 50% credit for the homework. Warning: When accessing your online homework, use Firefox or Chrome as your browser; there are problems that can occur if you use Internet Explorer or Safari.Here is a document with tips on using WebAssign.
WebAssign Registration: The homework for Math 1132 is assigned online using the WebAssign online homework system. To access your homework online you must go to Husky CT.

Exams, Quizzes, and Worksheets:

Exams: There will be three midterm exams and a Final Exam in this course. All midterm exams will be multiple choice, and as such there will be no partial credit. The final exam will be half multiple choice, and half short answer, so partial credit will be available on the short answer portions. Look here for more detailed exam information in the future.
Quizzes: There will be weekly quizzes in discussion section that will cover material from the week before. These will not be multiple choice and therefor you will be able to get partial credit on Quiz questions.
Worksheets: There will be weekly worksheets that you must turn in to your TA. Worksheets can be found in the Learning Activities section of this website.


Quizzes  Weekly Discussion  15%
Homework and Clicker  WebAssign Online and Lecture  15%
Worksheets  Weekly Discussion  5%
Exam 1: Week 4 Wed or Thur discussion class  13%
Exam 2: Week 8 Wed or Thur discussion class  13%
Exam 3:  Week 12  Wed or Thur discussion class 13%
Final Exam: Common exam TBD  26%