Math 1071 Exam Info (Fall 2016)

A note on calculators: You are allowed to use a calculator on exam but this calculator must not be able to do symbolic calculus.  Models similar to an TI-83 or TI-84 are acceptable, but models like a TI-89 are not.  Calculators that are too powerful will be confiscated for the duration of the exam.


There will be three exams in total:

  • Exam 1 (Date TBA, worth 20% of your final grade)
  • Exam 2 (Date TBA, worth 20% of your final grade)
  • Final exam (cumulative and worth 30% of your final grade)

Exam 1 and Exam 2 will be held in the evening: either from 6pm-8pm or from 9pm-11pm.  In each case you made the selection when you signed up for the course; check your schedule for your time slot.

The final exam is a common exam that will be 2 hours in length during the week of Dec 12th – 18th. It is possible that the final could be scheduled for Sunday Dec 18th.  You should consider this when making travel plans at the end of the semester.  Please note that your final exam schedule can only be changed with permission from the Dean of Students.

Exam policies

  • You must attend the time you signed up for at the beginning of the term.  Make-up exams will not be given.
  • Calculators are allowed (but not a TI-89 or equivalent or anything more powerful than this).  If your calculator can do symbolic calculus, then it is not allowed in the exam.
  • You can not use a smartphone, tablet, computer or any other resource during the exam.